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This wiki contains documentation and resources for the Open Polar Server (OPS) and the cresis toolbox which integrates with OPS. Please acknowledge use of these tools in projects or publications.


OPS Data User Links

OPS Developer Links


If you present or publish using this software, please help us with our record keeping by filling the data use form.

To acknowledge the use of the software, please note Kansas, NSF and NASA contributions. For example:

We acknowledge the use of software from CReSIS generated with support from the State of Kansas, NASA Operation IceBridge grant NNX16AH54G, and NSF grant ACI-1443054.

A few external packages have been integrated into the toolbox. The license information is included in the repository in the specific files that come from other sources.

MediaWiki Information

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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